Big Data is term refer to huge volume of data, Generally the term describe to the collection of data and yet growing experimentally with time. Examples of big data generation includes stocks exchange, social media sites , jet engine,the large volume of data – both structured and unstructured – that inundates a business on a day-to-day basis. But it’s not the amount of data that’s important. It’s what organizations do with the data that matters. But how the data is manipulated to store in one set.


We can see in the below chart, to understand people uses their huge data in social sites.

If people are using a large volume of data per day then it is very difficult to store a big data in one panel.

In spite of it some companies also face problems of big data storage.

There is an online collision between data and deeds, between what we can now learn and what we continue to say and do within the world of social media. Think of the former as the saviour of the latter where for reasons of pride and conjecture, and a sort of convenient deafness to the rhythms and cadences of communications (between the vernacular of Twitter, and the long-form writing of blogging and the conversational atmosphere of Facebook), too many companies miss the chance to enjoy the benefits of social media.

This problem is neither too difficult to solve nor too costly to answer, because there is a revolution afoot; it is as real as any other milestone in the history of the Web, and as permanent as any shift in the relationship between companies and their respective consumers.

I refer to the revolution of access to Big Data; the once-exclusive domain of global corporations with seemingly unlimited resources, and presidential campaigns with war chests of continental scope and microscopic precision, where so many “likes” and followers can be converted into actionable intelligence, customizing the message sent to a shopper in South Miami or a primary voter in North Carolina; a message refined and amplified through social media, reducible to 140 characters or expandable to an essay of nuance and depth, which casts aside self-promotional content for words of remembrance and a summons to learn,

Now we can see in the below picture how the data gather to become big data.

Then how the huge of data stored in a one domain?

All of us are well equipped with the fact that the enormous data which resides on social sites servers are not simple it’s a complex data which is totally unstructured. This kind of data is at times very difficult to handle using traditional rdbms system. Thus comes the approach of big data and nees for nosql databases. No Sql by any means cannot be defined as database that does not have sql its just a column oriented database which segregates it from traditional database being row based. Today nosql database which these guys are using is mongodb, cassandra. HBase is the default databse provided by hadoop ecosystem and leverages the real time processing which is need of an hour for social networking websites like fb, twitter etc.

So that kind of database and technology they are using. Also one of the key factor herebis processing. Ping one of the tool in hadoop ecosystem originated in one site.

There is some overview of Big data poblems and their solutions.

Nishant Kashyap

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